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Rise Up with Fists

Original entry posted: Tue Dec 12 14:25:08 2006

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Tue Dec 12 09:25:08 2006 EST

Well here, perhaps, is one idea...

Thomas @ Tue Dec 12 09:37:14 2006 EST

I caught that right after I put this post up.

The thing is, it's a pretty clumsy way to control a drum machine. If you've got to use button combos to control the samples, I'd almost rather use pressure sensitive buttons, like a PS2 controller (or, for that matter, a Trigger Finger). Now that they've got the IR working, it'd be nice to give the Wiimote a level of spatial awareness, so that hitting across the arc varies the sound.

I guess I still just see this as more a toy than something that can replace a more traditional wireless controller.

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