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Tough Scrape

Original entry posted: Sat Apr 14 21:49:05 2007

Lucretius @ Sat Apr 14 17:49:05 2007 EST

I just use the protectors. Get a good one, and you'll never notice it; Fits the screen exactly, takes the wear'n'tear in stride.

Not sure which brand is on mine now, but it's been there for months now (Since the Lite came out, anyway) and I've not needed to change it at all. Not looking like I'll need to soon either. No obvious marks, or minor ones either. And I give it severe abuse in Metroid Prime Hunters. And they're not particularly expensive.

Thomas @ Mon Apr 16 08:33:36 2007 EST

Normally I'm with you--I spent the money for a really good reusable screen protector on my iPaq--but for some reason I've just never felt like it for the DS. It's been okay so far.

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