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Hi-def for the low-tech

Original entry posted: Tue Apr 10 01:38:13 2007

Josh @ Tue Apr 3 07:46:06 2007 EST

I've considered getting the VGA box for the DC to go with my ... well, VGA box for consoles. (RCA->VGA converter)

Retro gets so confusing.

But the $40 is hard to justify after spending $40 to get all the other consoles to play (fuzzy) on the monitor as well.

Lucretius @ Tue Apr 3 21:20:21 2007 EST

As an avid reader of Make Magazine, I'd say make it. Not only will you have the unit, but you'll (might, if you don't already) learn something about it and you'll be proud when you're done!

Thomas @ Tue Apr 3 22:25:31 2007 EST

The last time I plugged in my soldering iron, I burned the hell out of myself, and I was just trying to fix a cabinet. I'm a little nervous about actually putting a circuit together, even an easy one like that one.

Lucretius @ Mon Apr 9 21:38:13 2007 EST

Well, have a wet sponge for cleaning handy, make sure you've got more solder than you need, practice untill you use that up then get more solder and get to work. Solder burns are the fun battle scars that you can tell stories about later. "Then Bill Gates said 'You must buy that porduct from me, not build your own!' And he jabbed at me with my own soldering iron. But I punched him in the face and finished the last potentiometer! What do you mean, Microsoft doesn't sell the-...shut-up!" :-P

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