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Impulse Buy

Original entry posted: Thu Apr 20 20:18:28 2006

Jeff @ Thu Apr 20 11:06:46 2006 EST

Color me jealous. I came close to ordering one now that the importers aren't price-gouging (and are even offering free shipping), but the pregnant wife had something to say about it.

Thomas @ Thu Apr 20 11:10:00 2006 EST

You can get free shipping?


Well, I'm going to try it out, see if it works for me. If it doesn't, I might offer it up for sale...

Jeff @ Thu Apr 20 11:28:49 2006 EST

Keep the little people (i.e. your faithful readership) in mind then. ;)

Oh wait. I'm poor(ish) and expecting...Not the best combination...

Thomas @ Thu Apr 20 11:38:10 2006 EST

Those are good reasons to stick with the original model, my friend.

And congratulations!

pseudonymous @ Thu Apr 20 11:54:44 2006 EST

Super Angry Hero Candy!


belle @ Thu Apr 20 11:56:25 2006 EST

if you don't eat that, i will.

Brinstar @ Thu Apr 20 12:01:44 2006 EST

I just barely held off the impulse from buying one yesterday. >_<

Thomas @ Thu Apr 20 12:49:59 2006 EST

Well, I've only had 30 seconds with it so far, busy day, but so far I can tell you that the screens are amazing, it's not THAT much smaller, and it picks up fingerprints like crazy.

It doesn't come with a thumbstrap, so the test will be on the metro home tonight when I fire up Metroid and see if it's easier to play for extended sessions.

I don't really care for the squishy buttons so far.

Brinstar @ Thu Apr 20 13:21:32 2006 EST

I kind of like the squishy buttons.

Oh... And I cracked. Just during lunch. Extra DS will either get returned (unlikely unless I roll high on my Bluff check), sold, or kept as spare for friends. Possibly given as a gift to a cousin if all else fails.

I can't play Metroid on the Metro. I've found that I live longer if I use the stylus.

Thomas @ Thu Apr 20 13:31:37 2006 EST

It's not the buttons I mind as much as the d-pad, but I may get used to it. You may find it easier to use the thumbpad on this one. There's less on the side, but also a lot less to the bottom of the lower screen, so your thumb doesn't have to reach so much.

The spare for friends (single-cart play, bitches!) and gift options strike me as good ones. I'm also thinking about hacking the case on the old one--making my own Toshio Iwai edition or something similar.

Thomas @ Thu Apr 20 13:33:31 2006 EST

By the way, we may both look really stupid for paying the import tax if Nintendo releases this thing domestically in May like some people had rumored.

Brinstar @ Thu Apr 20 15:30:35 2006 EST

Yup. I expect an E3 announcement.

I looked pretty damn stupid for importing a Pearl Blue SP April, only to have the same colour released in October. With a better screen.

Thomas @ Thu Apr 20 15:41:47 2006 EST

The more I stare at that picture, the more I want to make Super Angry Hero Candy the logo for this site.

Brinstar @ Thu Apr 20 15:59:13 2006 EST

Have you tried connecting to Nintendo WiFi using the wifi network at Farragut Square? The weather's getting warmer, and on the rare occasions I go out for lunch, I was thinking of getting in some MP: Hunters practice, since I'm failing to do so on commutes. Animal Crossing is proving too much of a draw.

Thomas @ Thu Apr 20 16:01:52 2006 EST

I didn't even know there WAS a wifi point in Farragut Square! Now I'll have to try at some point. I'll bring my PocketPC so I can sniff the network if necessary.

By the way, this sucks--apparently if I transfer the Wifi ID, I'll have to generate new Friend codes. Everyone has to update! Oh well.

Brinstar @ Thu Apr 20 16:18:28 2006 EST

Oh shit, that sucks about the friend codes. Ah well. It doesn't delete your Animal Crossing town, does it?

I saw banners hanging from lamp posts, advertising their wifi network.

Thomas @ Thu Apr 20 16:21:43 2006 EST

No, all the data is preserved and I think it even keeps my account. Just new friend codes.

Thomas @ Thu Apr 20 19:38:19 2006 EST

After the transfer, there's no change to my Mario Kart friend code. Maybe Nintendo is confused, or I misunderstood.

Brinstar @ Fri Apr 21 13:04:51 2006 EST

Mine should be delivered by the time I get home from work. I can't wait!

Jeff @ Fri Apr 21 16:11:38 2006 EST

Now you two are just being mean. ;)

By the way, we just found out this morning that we're having a girl.

Jeff @ Fri Apr 21 16:12:18 2006 EST

Oh, I meant to ask if you or any of the other people here had tried out the Brain Age game? I am considering picking it up tonight since it's only $19.99.

Thomas @ Fri Apr 21 16:19:49 2006 EST

Congratulations again!

No, I haven't tried it out. Haven't had time to drop by the store lately. It sounds like the kind of thing I want to demo before I buy, $20 or not.

Also, disembodied heads just creep me out.

Jeff @ Fri Apr 21 16:46:36 2006 EST

I was thinking of doing that myself. It sounds like you need a DS download station! Cabel (of Panic Software fame) covered them in a post today. You can read it here. Nintendo provides a station locator here.

Thanks for the congratulations!

Brinstar @ Sat Apr 22 08:19:50 2006 EST

Jeff: I played Brain Age at the Game Developers Conference. It's great for quick fun. I never thought speed maths could be so entertaining. You can have multi-player competitions as well.

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