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Metroid Primacy

Original entry posted: Thu Apr 6 16:59:45 2006

Brinstar @ Thu Apr 6 12:59:45 2006 EST

One would think that there would be more immediacy when moving from a 2D sidescroller to a 3D FPS, but I think you're right. Although they got the music right in setting the atmosphere of Metroid, and they did a lot to make it feel very Metroid, the Prime games aren't quite Metroid enough. I think there is some Metroid in them, though. But very much less so with Hunters.

RE: Personality -- I was disappointed with the injection of a more fleshed-out personality (internal dialogue) in Metroid Fusion. I like playing as Samus when I play a Metroid game, and the Samus in Metroid Fusion said things that I wouldn't have had "my" Samus say. I do like personality in my games, but some games are better without personalities because you can make them up to fit your idea of what the character is like.

Thomas @ Thu Apr 6 13:54:18 2006 EST

A lot of the transition from 3D to 2D, in my opinion, is about weight. 2D games exist in a simpler world, and that gives them more leeway regarding physics and animation without triggering our suspension of disbelief. That's where the immediacy lies. A 3D world has to conform more to our concepts of mass, acceleration, and proportion.

I think that's a really good point about internal dialogue: I liked Fusion, including the dialogue. But a character that has previously been silent will almost always conflict with the mental image that each player has created for that character.

Samus's role as a gender role model also plays a part--something I didn't really want to discuss in this post, but which ties into the way she is portrayed emotionally.

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