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Original entry posted: Tue Nov 27 16:45:47 2007

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Tue Nov 27 18:04:35 2007 EST

God, Dementium pissed me off! The review here pretty much sums up my feelings on the subject: the game's bad in a host of ways, and the save system moves it from "bad" to "unplayable".

Orcs and Elves, however, is *fantastic*. I just got it to review, and it shocked me by being the best game id's made in years.

Thomas @ Tue Nov 27 20:55:41 2007 EST

Is it? I would have never thought.

So where are these reviews of yours?

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Wed Nov 28 13:35:52 2007 EST

The link above is to me reviewing under my actual name---I just try to keep it separate from my blog name, which is why I haven't linked to any reviews directly from my site.

My review of Orcs and Elves will be going up soon; I'll send you the link to that when it's posted. But yeah, I went in with low expectations---I haven't liked an id game since Doom 2---and was thrilled.

Thomas @ Wed Nov 28 17:18:54 2007 EST

Yeah, please let me know when that goes up. I've got an Amazon list of my next batch of game purchases, and I might add it.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Thu Nov 29 15:48:50 2007 EST

Ah, there we go---my review of Orcs & Elves is now up. Given the restraints of UGO's audience, I didn't have space to really rhapsodize about how charmingly knowing the game is---it does a great job of appealing to people who like RPGs, but know that the stories are completely silly, without becoming straight comedy.

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