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Original entry posted: Tue Apr 17 12:54:11 2007

Josh @ Tue Apr 17 08:35:10 2007 EST

I dunno, there's something of "Rebels were terrorists for destroying the Death Star" in peterb's arguments I think.

When he starts lumping GTA and Shadow of the Colossus together, I don't quite agree.

Thomas @ Tue Apr 17 08:54:11 2007 EST

I think he's contrasting them, not lumping them together.

Josh @ Tue Apr 17 12:50:43 2007 EST

Well he goes from SotC to 1984 to American Psycho to GTA - calls them all evil but "distinct".

Instead of distinct, I'd say they have essentially nothing to do with each other. Which doesn't really validate his logic to me.

But I suppose I should be debating that with him...

peterb @ Tue Apr 17 15:14:23 2007 EST

I take issue that I called "Nineteen Eighty Four" "evil", and if I did, obviously I wasn't clear. Rather, I was saying that all of the above-named works feature _individual acts_ that are evil (what else would you call hooking Winston up to the "rats will eat your face" machine in room 101?), but that we evaluate those works differently based on the totality of their context.

This was intended, as Thomas says, for purposes of contrast.

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