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NGJ: The Economics of Used Games

Original entry posted: Fri Jul 1 16:36:13 2005

Chan @ Fri Jul 1 12:36:13 2005 EST

A smaller point, but it might be worth your time: is a game more attractive for re-sale if you can find it on both XBox and PS2 and what effect does compatibility have on resale value?

Thomas @ Fri Jul 1 12:56:04 2005 EST

Good point. Including system choice in this is probably not bad data to have--installed base, current sales, etc.

Kalroy @ Sat Jul 2 17:04:53 2005 EST

New releases might effect it also. I have traded old games about when a new one I wanted was coming out just to cut the pain of the price of the new one. I'm probably not the only one to do that.


Bryan @ Mon Jul 4 14:06:40 2005 EST

You might also want to see if proximity to a bricks and mortar retailer (like GameStop) influences whether or not people will still try to sell on eBay.

A rough measure would use the store locators on retailers' websites to measure how many are within x miles of the eBay seller.

The need for immediate cash in hand (that makes eBay less attractive) vs the need for maximized profit (which makes Gamestop less attractive) might also be another factor when sellers select a market.

Thomas @ Mon Jul 4 15:14:55 2005 EST

Measuring distance to a store versus sales is probably more involved than I want to be, and it doesn't really answer the research question--I'm more interested in prices than in direct customer behavior.

Good idea, though. It would be a good project one day.

Madmunk @ Tue Jul 5 14:13:31 2005 EST

I don't know if you've done the lit review yet, but is there an analogous market of used goods that could serve as a baseline for methodology? Music? Cars?

Thomas @ Tue Jul 5 14:49:05 2005 EST

No, I haven't checked yet. This weekend I was more concerned with the Epoch Times and their bizarre anti-communist crusade. Good point though. Used CDs or books might be roughly the same kind of market.

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