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Right On, Deux

Original entry posted: Sun Apr 16 15:12:05 2006

pseudonymous @ Fri Apr 14 16:16:06 2006 EST

He's joking, right?

Thomas @ Fri Apr 14 17:26:24 2006 EST

I doubt it.

Troy Goodfellow @ Sat Apr 15 15:29:51 2006 EST

I still think this is parody. But it's funnier when I pretend it's real.

Patrick @ Sun Apr 16 10:59:38 2006 EST

He's full of shit, sure, but the most interesting thing about the blog is that it demonstrates how some styles of communication don't seem as convincing when the communicator can't turn off your mic. Blogs are really about what happens in the comments, the discussion and discourse, and it seems like this guy's posts only turn people off and keep them from commenting, or get them pissed enough to say something.

Thomas @ Sun Apr 16 11:12:05 2006 EST

I was actually wondering about that yesterday. He never responds to comments. Maybe it is a parody, and he figures he can't keep up the game in an actual discussion.

Can the mic be cut on a blog? I'd argue it can. I've deleted comments myself. Sure, you can respond in your own space, but that's only as good as your own reach, similar to dragging a box and a placard out to the local town square.

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