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How China Cheats

Original entry posted: Thu Jun 15 01:00:22 2006

Patrick @ Wed Jun 14 19:30:29 2006 EST

Dude, I went to a Catholic school with mandatory foriegn langauge, and we had to watch a show called Destinos for three years. It was supposedly educational, but only one of the women was hot, which is abysmal for a show produced in latin america.

Thomas @ Wed Jun 14 21:00:22 2006 EST

Ah, Destinos. Or as my Spanish 202 professor insisted on referring to it, ¡DESTINOS! Well known for the vast amount of sexual innuendo that can be harvested from its cheesy acting.

Jaime! Osito! OSITO!

Sean @ Mon Jun 26 06:06:50 2006 EST

How do you counterfeit food?

"No one can tell the difference between this Pepsi and Diet Pepsi, kekeke ^^"

Thomas @ Mon Jun 26 11:59:25 2006 EST

Soy, pencil shavings, cunning molds, various fillers, etc. The example that was given was fake dried fish, but think about how much of our food is heavily processed and artificially flavored, and it starts to look a lot easier.

Come on, you've been to McDonalds, right? Same kind of thing.

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