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Original entry posted: Sun Jun 12 17:09:53 2005

Kalroy @ Sun Jun 12 12:45:42 2005 EST

Well, I thought GTA was too over the top for me to let my kids play, but I don't see it as a scheme (other than a money-making one). The rest of his blog was, ummmmm, kinda out there. Thanks for the look, but I don't see me going back there. Too much like reading "who killed JFK" or "Bush is Hitler" blogs. Kalroy

Thomas @ Sun Jun 12 13:09:53 2005 EST

I just wonder, what does he play?

Kalroy @ Sun Jun 12 19:51:44 2005 EST

I'm a little afraid to find out. Kalroy

Brinstar @ Tue Jun 14 11:12:19 2005 EST

It's like a car crash. You can't help but look.

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