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Original entry posted: Sun Sep 10 21:23:43 2006

pseudonymous @ Fri Sep 8 10:41:31 2006 EST

I'd like to add unlocking characters and weapons in fighting games to the list of chores we currently do.

Thomas @ Fri Sep 8 10:43:01 2006 EST

Good point.

Josh @ Fri Sep 8 15:02:57 2006 EST

Not that I disagree, but I'm still trying to unlock all the hiddens in Lego Star Wars, a complete chore ... but it's still one of my favorite games.

Still, I think you're right - I think in some ways game have removed repetition and replaced it with some story - a change I wholeheartedly support. I bought Max Payne for full price and the length never bugged me.

Lucretius @ Fri Sep 8 19:08:32 2006 EST

*Note: I use the DS alot right now, since I'm on the move more than I get to sit at my computer. That'll be important when you see most of the games I mention*

One vantage point I imediately thought of was multiplayer. In it's essance, multiplayer plays out like a sport. The difference is that multiplayer games are often applied to activities that can't or shouldn't be a sport. (Such as fantasy or military, respectively). And multiplayer is often thought of as the best aspect of many games, from Bomberman to whatever new military game is out, making it a forbidden fruit of sorts attained only through these video games, as with many aspects video gaming.

What's interesting is that multiplayer has no storyline and yet I'd hardly call it a chore. It's limited in scope and yet almost unlimited in fun-factor. (The most important factor) I enjoy playing MPH multiplayer much more than the single player (Though I often play the bots). However entertaining and enjoyable both can be, the singler player, once completed, is like a book that wore you out. Or like "Saving Private Ryan." A movie you watch once and can say later you 'experienced' yet you'll never watch it again. Unless you're a real sick bastard.

In the same way, I completed the MPH single player mostly so I could face the opening page when I turned the system on without feeling embarassed. In all honesty, I played the multiplayer feature to an artform (don't take that too seriously) long before I even made the second rounds on the other planets of SP and whatnot.

I believe the only game I'm playing now that makes exception to that is Starfox Command, but that's because MP sucks royaly. (what with shallow gameplay and lack of rank matching in random games). I figure I'll stop using that game altogether once I finish the campaign.

I'm stepping back in my mind now to see what games are good according to these standards. That the SP mode must be engrossing with out seeming redeundant and annoying. I'm sure I'll catch some heat for this, but Halo comes to mind immediately. The story was incredibly involved with few cutscenes and I didn't find myself having to redo sections as often as other games (such as MPH). I enjoyed the plot and found the end to be very rewarding, both your final mission and the ending cutscene. And the multiplayer was extremly fun. On these levels, Halo was extemely successful.

But the problem is I can only think of Halo. This might explain why I'm not a big single player...player. Why I never could finish SM64, Kirby Canvas Curse, or even NSMB (got it as a present, if that excuses anything). Also might explain why I keep Bomberman, ACWW, MKDS, MPH and Electroplankton closest. Becuase of multiplayer, multiplayer, multiplayer, mutiplayer and 'cause I'm a nut (EP does rock my socks).

Anybody else want to comment on the mutliplayer aspect?

Thomas @ Sat Sep 9 12:00:30 2006 EST

Someone needs their own blog.

Lucretius @ Sun Sep 10 17:23:43 2006 EST

*giggles* Did I do that? *Puppyeyes*

Yeah, I do. Plus a last .fm...

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