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So Resolved

Original entry posted: Tue Jan 6 20:56:20 2009

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Tue Jan 6 16:37:43 2009 EST

Rule #1 is really way, way harder to follow than it should be, much to my horror and shame. I did manage to toss Etrian Odyssey and Gears of War 2---having a Goozex queue to drop them in does help, as I feel like I've accomplished something when I stop playing them and add them to my list---but I've finished more boring games than I'd like to admit.

On #3, though---that's what FAQs are for! By the time I've got to a final boss, I want to see how the game ends, and feel pretty entitled to FAQ it up if need be. For Days of Ruin, especially, the FAQ was desperately needed, but to the games credit, the solution really was strategic, rather than just exploiting the AI's weakness. That said, I did give up on the ultra-cinematic FFX for just this reason---no amount of strategy was going to make that last battle less than a goddamn 2-hour session.

And as for indies---you've played the wonderful World of Goo, and the also-wonderful-but-different Penny Arcade Adventures, right? Greenhouse is looking like the most promising indie distributor out there, especially if they can keep up this tremendously high level of quality.

Matt @ Tue Jan 6 17:11:48 2009 EST

For #4, does Fallout 3 count? Technically, you can change to an over-the-shoulder view and you can't play it like a shooter. You have to take advantage of V.A.T.S. every chance you get, which makes it almost seem turn-based. In other words, you shoot, punch or blow up someone a bunch of times in different parts of the body and then run around avoiding their fire until your action points refill.

Give it a try. It's fun.

Troy Goodfellow @ Tue Jan 6 19:36:18 2009 EST

Play more indies is a good one. I used to play a lot of independent games, but the more I write about games, the easier it is to get my hands on sweet AAA chocolate.

Thomas @ Tue Jan 6 20:49:16 2009 EST

Well now I'm conflicted. Because I'm totally in this for the sweet AAA chocolate. Or maybe I just like saying "sweet AAA chocolate."

Maybe it's just that you're in that grognard niche, Troy, but I feel like you still do a pretty good job at covering the independent scene--at least, that part of it. Am I wrong?

Troy Goodfellow @ Wed Jan 7 11:42:30 2009 EST

Yeah, the grognard stuff is still out there, but even there I don't play nearly as widely or deeply as I used to.

But World of Goo and Braid are the sort of thing I used to be all over. Part of it is my whole PC leaning, of course. Still, I should do my part.

Jeff @ Wed Jan 14 21:05:52 2009 EST

I made your resolutions list! This post makes me want to revisit Geometry Wars. I'm quite sure you've probably beaten all of my other scores anyway.

I have been trying to get into more indie games too. If you use GReader, I share quite a few relevant posts there. If not, I can recommend some good feeds to get you up to speed.

Thomas @ Wed Jan 14 21:47:45 2009 EST

I don't use GReader, but I do track other people's shared post feeds via either RSS or the web interface. If you get me a URL, I'll start keeping an eye on it.

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