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The Future is Non-upgradeable

Original entry posted: Thu Aug 13 15:03:56 2009

Josh @ Fri Aug 14 09:56:39 2009 EST

Nice. I do mostly agree, even if I've largely come from the doom and gloom angle for PC gaming. I think the compromise stance will end up being "PC gaming as we know it is dying". Well, maybe knew it - I can't tell how much that statement ages me just yet.

Power gaming is in trouble, I think there's little question about that. You don't need that nuclear reactor to play World of Warcraft. Consoles are becoming the baseline hardware spec, stealing a lot of thunder from concepts like SLI.

But let's remember that modern computer gaming started on a oscilloscope. If a box has a display and a knob, someone will play a game on it.

Thomas @ Fri Aug 14 10:26:43 2009 EST

Meanwhile, someone else will call them a fanboy and insist that the other brand of oscilloscope has all the good exclusive waveforms.

I love this market.

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