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Clean My Room

Original entry posted: Wed Mar 29 16:39:25 2006

belle @ Tue Mar 28 09:46:27 2006 EST

dear, i like your music. does that count?

Thomas @ Tue Mar 28 09:55:58 2006 EST

Of course it counts, babe!

Thomas @ Tue Mar 28 10:02:49 2006 EST

Sorry, I'm not complaining. I just think it's funny that most of my .mp3 downloads literally come from music pirates in China.

I'm huge in Xi'An, no doubt.

belle @ Tue Mar 28 10:22:50 2006 EST

hee. i know you're not complaining. i think it's cute.

Corvus @ Tue Mar 28 15:29:25 2006 EST

I found myself thinking much the same about my meager house. I mean, I still have a cardboard box with a candle on it in the corner.

Finally, I realized that I, personally, lived in smaller and humbler places and had over my gaming group a couple times a month.

Digital guests? No problem!

Oh, and after playing the demo today, I think I'll be buying Metroid Prime: Hunters next. Those rooms, we don't have to tidy up for company!

Thomas @ Wed Mar 29 00:11:21 2006 EST

Hey, at least your house is roach free.

As for MP:H, I keep those rooms clean. CLEAN OF INVADING BOUNTY HUNTER SCUM! HA!

Brinstar @ Wed Mar 29 09:24:59 2006 EST

Can you have more than one guest in your house? Like have a party or something?

Thomas @ Wed Mar 29 10:29:14 2006 EST

Up to four, I think. I remember reading about people playing tag, although that was outside--maybe it's different inside houses, but I doubt it.

Why? Got that DS yet?

Brinstar @ Wed Mar 29 11:06:08 2006 EST

Just curious.

Will have it soon.

Thomas @ Wed Mar 29 11:39:25 2006 EST


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