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Radio Killed the Video Star

Original entry posted: Mon Sep 25 10:13:48 2006

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Fri Sep 22 08:56:30 2006Rejoice, then. It has been done. I remember I had read about someone creating a shooter for the blind. Also, this article from Wired has a lot of information. Very interesting stuff.

Chris @ Fri Sep 22 05:42:06 2006 EST

Hey, give me a way to make a voice-activated podcast and I will give you an audio adventure game! All I'm missing is the interactive controls.

I also have to say I love the idea of making a Play with Bats using solely echolocation! Crazy and awesome in equal measure!

Fantastic left-field addition to the back end of the round table.

Thomas @ Fri Sep 22 07:24:49 2006 EST

Thanks Chris. If I figure out how to interact with an iPod in any meaningful way, I'll let you know.

Thomas @ Fri Sep 22 09:40:59 2006 EST

That AGRIP (Accessible Quake) is awesome. Someone needs to port that to PocketPC now. If I had more time, I'd be tempted to pull out my old PQ3100 code and give it a shot.

Thomas @ Fri Sep 22 09:54:30 2006 EST

Seriously, I should have known that this would have already been done for blind gamers. That'll teach me to search before I go opening my big mouth.

Josh @ Fri Sep 22 11:01:17 2006 EST


Also, I have a standing request to find someone a blind version of chess.

GregT @ Mon Sep 25 06:13:48 2006 EST

I just got myself a copy of the fantastic Katamari Damacy soundtrack in Akihabara, and it's making me realise that if that entire game had just been music, maybe getting closer or further away as you move, and the sounds of screaming pedestrians getting rolled up, I probably would have been just as happy without the visuals as with them.

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