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Why We Hummed Along

Original entry posted: Wed Feb 20 02:34:00 2008

Corvus @ Mon Feb 25 11:43:47 2008 EST

Tell you what, I'll retroactively add you to January's RT if you'll expand on your comments about hardware limitations for this month's RT (before Friday)...

Thomas @ Mon Feb 25 11:45:49 2008 EST

Sounds like a deal.

Corvus @ Mon Feb 25 11:49:00 2008 EST

Awesome. I really appreciated your input on my post, as I know you're better versed than I on the audio hardware side of the topic.

I had initially considered doing a ton of research and posting about hardware limitations myself, but didn't really have the time pre-GDC. I'm looking forward to reading what you come up with!

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