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Drop me in the water

Original entry posted: Mon Jan 9 21:29:05 2006

Myke @ Mon Jan 9 11:19:33 2006 EST

Yeah, I have yet to find a practical application for Cold Heat. The tip on it hinders all useful soldering ability. With my usual plug-in iron, I can solder points less than 1 mm wide (useful when installing a modchip in an XBOX).

Thomas @ Mon Jan 9 11:27:39 2006 EST

Exactly. I'm really disappointed with it. It's really hard to keep it in contact with anything small to activate it, but it's not powerful enough for larger work.

Josh @ Mon Jan 9 16:18:02 2006 EST

EPlankton definately peaked my interest, so I'll probably get it sooner or later. Part of me wishes it was more of a "game", but just the synthesis it's going for is fascinating enough.

Thomas @ Mon Jan 9 16:29:05 2006 EST

It's too bad that, since the N is selling it direct, you probably won't be able to get it used.

If you're not really intrigued by the whole music/art/game tension, it probably shouldn't be recommended.

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