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Rinse, Repeat

Original entry posted: Fri Aug 25 13:16:31 2006

Jeff @ Fri Aug 25 09:16:31 2006 EST

I find this news brings up a lot more questions than answers. I would absolutely love the ability to save the music I generate with the Gunpey sequencer. The ability to share said music with people on my friends list would be amazing too.

I don't know how they would have much room to save any appreciable amount of data though, and I don't know how you could get it transferred to some other device (i.e. a PC or Mac). Maybe they could allow you to upload your creations to some type of official Gunpey community site? I simply don't know enough about the limitations of the DS hardware and/or Nintendo's WFC network to even determine if these ideas are feasible.

Thomas @ Fri Aug 25 09:21:44 2006 EST

Sequencer files are pretty small. There's no reason they couldn't store them online for you. But the real value would definitely be in pulling them onto a PC, or understand networked MIDI from a host sequencer.

I doubt we'll get any of that, though. I'm guessing if it lets you store songs, you'll get one or two save slots at best.

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