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Composing with Electroplankton, Part Five: Rec-Rec

Original entry posted: Fri Dec 30 13:55:26 2005

Paul @ Wed Dec 28 15:03:05 2005 EST

im so glad to see somebody else as genuinely interested in this game as i am
i usually take it through my bass effects pedal and out my speakers and i play along with my matrix 6 and korg ms 20
another game im looking forward to importing to musical creation and playing reasons is Band brothers
have you played or heard of this game?
it has a built in midi sequencer and has a pro song edit mode where you create a song from all the sound samples they have if you don't have it you should look into getting it as well!
keep writing i love reading

Thomas @ Fri Dec 30 08:55:26 2005 EST

Haven't worked up the nerve to import BB yet, but I may at some point. The sequencer sounds intriguing.

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