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Composing with Electroplankton: Table of Contents

Original entry posted: Thu Sep 1 22:19:50 2005

teamsteve @ Wed Aug 31 16:51:22 2005 EST

I'm really enjoying this series. The grid with the pitch of the luminaria's pitches was great

i de-tuned my guitar to B flat and jammed along with it last night - good stuff

Thomas @ Thu Sep 1 12:28:34 2005 EST

Thanks, glad you enjoy it!

Just out of curiosity, did you retune all the way down to Bb, or did you just tune down a half step to Eb?

Stephen Kyle @ Thu Sep 1 18:19:50 2005 EST

I just retuned to...

vD ^Bb D vF vBb ^F

(v = down to, ^ = up to)

For a nice open Bb tuning. Of course, retunings kinda pointless anyway.

teamsteve @ Thu Sep 1 18:25:19 2005 EST

It was tuned to drop d originally, and i tuned it up so I guess it's Eb now

I found that it sounds best if I have the yellow lumineria bouncing between two F points, and the red and green ones looping around the Bb diagonal

Thomas @ Thu Sep 1 23:42:49 2005 EST

Interesting. I often leave the red one out, since it's so busy. But I catch myself doing the same kind of thing. The triangle pattern is a very good one, whereas I think the concentric squares is the worst (too many consecutive notes!).

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