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Guns, Gangs, and Greed: Gaming's Hip-hop Diversity Gap

Original entry posted: Thu Oct 20 17:27:32 2005

Darius K. @ Wed Oct 19 10:31:06 2005 EST

Wonderful article! I've been recommending it to friends.

Thomas @ Thu Oct 20 13:27:32 2005 EST

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

Funky J @ Thu Oct 20 19:48:40 2005 EST

Interesting article, but I think you're wrong in some respects, which I will outline in a letter to escapist. But it's good to see some intelligent opinions on the whole Rap phenomenon in games...

Thomas @ Fri Oct 21 09:42:51 2005 EST

Wanna talk about it here as well? It's always a little frustrating to wait for online criticism in the "letters to the editor" format.

For what it's worth, I'm not really interested in the "rap phenomenon," and I don't think the article necessarily concerns that part of the hip-hop/gaming intersection. I'm more interested in the marginalization of Black people as worthy of main character status. I also see aspects of concern regarding the digital divide, which would seem to be a real and continuing problem for Americans.

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