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Nintendo is the reddest sun in our hearts*

Original entry posted: Wed Nov 30 04:39:20 2005

Patrick @ Tue Nov 29 23:39:20 2005 EST

I think the ticket is to offer people interactive experiences which are more generally meaningful, i.e. interactive storytelling (not nessecarily of the Crawfordian variety) and do so at a lower price point, between $15-30. This can be achievable in the short term with online distribution, and made more prominent with alternative venues like book stores, once the ball gets rolling.

Thomas @ Wed Nov 30 00:27:10 2005 EST

But where will they play them? The poor may not have internet access. They may not frequent bookstores (books are expensive!). It is useful to apply the first rule of rebellion: revolution is a luxury that the truly poor can't afford.

I'm not sure there is a solution to this problem within gaming itself. It's a societal problem caused by the inequities of the system. Games simply give us a handy visual aid.

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