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God Mode

Original entry posted: Wed Jul 6 22:44:53 2005

Chan @ Wed Jul 6 12:42:27 2005 EST

"Is it possible to fail in a game based on immutable prophesy?"

That line is classic and will stay with me all afternoon.

A Left Behind game, huh? What's the plot? Does the player go around looking for the Anti-Christ? And what are you suppose to do, enjoy yourself for the 1st half of the game and then (just after you've accepted the barcode tattoo on your wrist) do your best to avoid the locusts?

What's a point of playing a game where the outcome is known, better yet determined. That's like watching Passion of the Christ, Titanic or Episode III (oops).

Thomas @ Wed Jul 6 13:41:43 2005 EST

I always remember what my dad said when Passion of the Christ came out: "Eh, the book was better."

Troy Goodfellow @ Wed Jul 6 18:44:53 2005 EST

I don't think that there is too much of a prophecy problem because "God" isn't one of the sides here. It's the Anti-Christ led UN versus a plucky band of Christians, i.e., the human v human battle that precedes Jesus's return, when he pulls out his superweapon and melts faces. So they have an out.

If you want blasphemolicious goodness, check out Heaven vs Hell, a RTS that pits God, Satan and Humans against each other in some of the ugliest art ever to find its way into a strategy game.

Thomas @ Wed Jul 6 23:18:50 2005 EST

Well, even with God out of the equation, the books still rely heavily on their prophecies regarding human action as plot device, and the characters never doubt their faith in the "Tribulation." If what you're saying is correct and taken to its full extent, then that would be interesting, but it wouldn't be true to the source material.

And of course, being true to the source material is what these people are all about. Too bad their source is LaHaye and Jenkins instead of the actual Bible.

I can't rule out the possibility that an actual Bible-based RTS would be really cool. I mean, the defense of Israel, sieges, wars against giants, crazed woodland creatures, the King James has it all. But you'd have to be more open about the faith, and I don't think the Left Behind bunch is interested.

Madmunk @ Thu Jul 7 11:15:47 2005 EST

The point of this game might just be to enact the plot to end all plots whose major points have already been decided. It's a chance to live the movie. I've been inundated with promises that all my faith is not for naught and that there will be a day of judgment in which the righteousness of my choices will be revealed. The problem is that this apocalyptic moment may not occur in my lifetime. Hence, the video game - the revenge fantasy enacted. I held my hand to the TV set and I was healed. It was only a matter of time before I was redeemed with the push of a button.

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