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Now We Are All Sons of Bitches

Original entry posted: Tue Aug 12 17:57:16 2008

pseudonymous @ Wed Aug 13 11:34:46 2008 EST

The gray was such a cool look. What's this?

Thomas @ Wed Aug 13 11:37:55 2008 EST

Just playing around. I got the grey accidentally after I screwed up some CSS one day and liked it. So I figured I'd do some themes for a while before I went back to regular white-and-green.

Dark green not so good?

pseudonymous @ Wed Aug 13 12:35:04 2008 EST

Not a fan of the green, big fan of the gray, but, hey, it's fun to come around and see new colors.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Tue Sep 23 11:46:04 2008 EST

Finally finished Braid! Whew! Am still processing my thoughts, but---any other recommendations for online reading on the topic? I suspect this is something that a lot of people have written about, as the end pretty much begs to be interpreted.

Thomas @ Tue Sep 23 12:02:17 2008 EST

Corvus at Man Bytes Blog had a dialog about it with a couple of other designers and would-be designers. They are much more negative about it than I am, though.

Other than that, there's probably stuff out there, but I think my usual suspects have actually been fairly quiet on it. RPS will probably have something thoughtful to say when the PC version drops.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Tue Sep 23 18:38:54 2008 EST

Yeah, I just read his piece. He was indeed way more negative than I would've been (and I'm amused that he only realized after posting, and corrected in the comments) his assertion that "I don't like platformers" would also cover everyone's beloved Psychonauts).

Although it's maybe a little oversold, I really liked the analysis put forth at ---certainly it explains a number of loose ends in the Epilogue. It's not the last word, of course, but it definitely contributes a great deal to the discussion, as did the discussion at Feministe and, especially, at Giant Bomb.

Thomas @ Tue Sep 23 19:01:32 2008 EST

Wow, I really like that one from the forum. It's not hard to see--obviously the game has references to the Trinity test and the pursuit of knowledge--but he lays his case out very nicely.

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