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Original entry posted: Mon Feb 23 19:39:31 2009

Brinstar @ Thu Feb 26 20:38:58 2009 EST

I have to agree with you on DICE's decision to go with realism over fun. It's one of the most frustrating and unforgiving games I've ever played. The storyline mode had me angry in some parts because some of the moves I had to execute were too difficult or there were too many heavily-armed enemies between me and my goal/relative saftey.

The game really does shine in Time Trial mode, though. There's nothing but you, the clock, and the environment. Though again, the precision it requires of you in some parts is unforgiving.

I suffer through the incredibly frustrating parts to experience the freedom of movement. :-\

Thomas @ Fri Feb 27 00:40:46 2009 EST

RPS said the same thing--that it's better as a racing game than as an FPS. And as soon as I get over the frustration of that underground car garage scene, I'll probably give it a shot.

Part of my problem was that I wanted to earn the pacifist achievement, so I was trying to disarm everyone. Then I found out that you just have to avoid shooting people, and that did make things a lot easier.

I'm still annoyed that on XBox you have to sign up for EA's special account in order to track the online trial scores. I thought that's why I was paying $5 a month for Live, because I don't want to put up with that kind of crap.

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