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Won't Fit

Original entry posted: Wed May 28 16:07:00 2008

Matt @ Tue May 27 16:33:49 2008 EST

Part of the reason I bought the 360 instead of the Wii was because I simply couldn't find one. It's bizarre that Nintendo still has this distribution problem. Supply, meet demand.

Thomas @ Tue May 27 17:14:36 2008 EST

The scary thing, which I was telling Belle at some point this weekend, is that the Wii's the big seller this generation. So they've sold more of them than any of the other consoles, despite the fact that you can never find one.

Thomas @ Wed May 28 11:08:44 2008 EST

This morning they sold the last two just as I walked in the door, and won't get a new shipment for two weeks. The universe hates me.

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