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Original entry posted: Thu Dec 28 11:39:32 2006

Corvus @ Wed Dec 27 14:32:30 2006 EST

Pretty much echoes my distaste for the game. Fortunately, I find both Wind Waker and Twilight Princess to be eminently playable.

Brinstar @ Wed Dec 27 16:14:13 2006 EST

I couldn't finish the game. Riding around on the horse and cutting down bushes was more fun than the dungeons I managed to complete.

The faries are scary.

Josh @ Wed Dec 27 16:56:25 2006 EST

I can't really concur with the first two points. I thought it was a pretty decent looking game when it came out that clearly went the broad approach with assets. I never had a problem with the controls - but I've never played anything byt the N64 version. Z-Targetting worked more or less as expected and I really didn't want for full camera control 99.9% of the time.

Often, I find full camera control to be a copout. "We couldn't solve our camera problems so you know ... you try." If it's not a first person shooter, I think less is often more.

Obtuse - that I'll grant you. Some of the puzzle design was just frustrating. Clues were often useless and some of the tasks were just obscure.

Majora felt better balanced in this regard though - and I still take Ocarina for the moment of time that it was. Even more than GTA - I think Ocarina was a bold step forward for game design. That games have only gotten better was expected and I can't fault it for that. For one of the first times in a good long while, though, a game tried to represent a game world as a deep and connected experience. One that when the nonsense annoyed, I could go catching ghosts or catch up on my fishing and just relax.

I'll grant it plenty of faults - but I certainly wish more games were like it rather than less.

Thomas @ Wed Dec 27 18:10:58 2006 EST

I think maybe 2D games age more gracefully than 3D.

If I can't get through Ocarina, I'll have to give Majora's Mask a shot, since it's also on the collection disc.

We'll just have to disagree on the camera--if a camera works well, I don't miss the controls, but it seems to me that it just can't hurt to let me adjust it if I want. Good scripting, I think, is the key to a really good camera, and Ocarina doesn't have that. For example, on the Jabu-Jabu octopus fight, it's just too tight and too awkward around the room's center column. I remember that Beyond Good and Evil had a similar scenario, but they actually built the camera to pull back and up, and to keep the enemy in view at all times.

Corvus @ Thu Dec 28 06:39:32 2006 EST

I think, perhaps, OoT suffered for me mostly because I'd already played WindWaker and had a set of expectations about a 3d Zelda game based on that. The plethora of small steps backwards across the design board is ultimately why I stopped playing.

I did find myself wanting to give it another run the other day though. Sadly, I sold off my collectors disk and would now need to wait for the download.

Johnny Pi @ Sat Dec 30 16:28:33 2006 EST

Not to make too much of an assumption about your preferences, but if you don't like Ocarina for being obtuse, you will absolutely hate Majora's Mask. Just a warning.

Pick up Banjo Kazooie or something.

DWJ @ Tue Jan 9 13:33:40 2007 EST

Oh man, Banjo Kazooie didn't age well at all. I loved the game with a passion back when it came out, but now it's more clunky than OoT (which is, to be fair, one of my favorite games of all time). I grew up with Zelda - played all of them in order, from the first two NES titles on up, and when OoT came out it was like the 2nd coming. My two main gripes were the hideously ugly great fairies and the blind rage Navi instills in me to this day. Majora's Mask was a bit of a let down (due mostly to a lack of both Zelda and Ganondorf imo) but a good game nonetheless. Wind Waker is a little slow, and far from perfect, but it's enormously fun. Twilight Princess is easily the best one since Link to the Past- and I've only played the GC version.

Anyhoo, one of these days I'll get around to emailing you T-bone. Take it easy.

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