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Coming to Blows

Original entry posted: Thu Aug 28 15:34:50 2008

Matt @ Thu Aug 28 12:56:18 2008 EST

So bizarre. Art is all about interpretation and shouldn't be subjected to rules, despite what Roger Ebert says. I find it hard to believe that Blow could create something like Braid and expect people to come to one conclusion — his.

Corvus @ Thu Aug 28 20:00:48 2008 EST

You've nailed it spot on, Thomas. At one point before the game's release, Blow even said he didn't want to be one of those designers who tells people what to think about his game.

That stance seems to have reversed somewhat since the game's release.

Corvus @ Thu Aug 28 20:02:15 2008 EST

...and by the way, my impression that the game appeals more strongly to left brained individuals was based on the comments of a great many coders and designers who received the same impression from playing and watching co-workers play.

Not saying I'm right, just saying I'm not alone. ;)

Lucretius @ Mon Sep 1 02:09:43 2008 EST

Best thing that happened to me today was reading "Art is all about interpretation" from Matt. You all get it. I need people like you around me more often.

I usually just get people who ask "what's this mean?" and I hate that! I mean, the only thing YOU have to do, as an audience member, is think. And you're too lazy to do that? You've got the nerve to ask me to do that for you? You don't mind blatantly telling me you can't even invest yourself enough to think?

People are nuts, man.

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