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Dual Synth

Original entry posted: Thu Apr 16 23:54:38 2009

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Thu Apr 16 17:12:07 2009 EST

Ah, I was wondering when you'd get to play with/write about the Korg-10 DS package. It's a neat toy, not to mention a vivid demonstration of how, in Japan, the DS has really shifted from "game console" to "pocket computer", used for things like musician's accompaniment, museum tours, and all sorts of applications beyond making things collision-detect (the only US equivalent I can think of is the Seattle Mariners use of DSes to pass stats to fans in the stadium in real-time).

Did you get to play with Jam Sessions? I gave a copy to my mother-in-law, who had to give up guitar playing when her arthritis got too bad. While JS wasn't a substitute, it was awfully close, and giving it to her was a great moment of "woah, technology is actually improving someone's life!"

Thomas @ Thu Apr 16 17:27:21 2009 EST

I never got on with Jam Sessions--too expensive, for what it did--but that's another great example of how weirdly-musical the library of DS software can be.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Fri Apr 17 09:10:06 2009 EST

Speaking of too expensive---did you get a chance to meet with someone else who has Korg-10 DS and try the wireless syncing capabilities? When I heard about that, I was utterly thrilled with the idea of a set of chaos pads that're all synced to each other.

Thomas @ Fri Apr 17 09:37:44 2009 EST

No, unfortunately. It does sound interesting--but I'm more interested in combining it with traditional rock instruments, rather than a synth ensemble.

I understand why they didn't add wireless MIDI/OSC to the package, but that would have also been nice. I like the sounds, but hate pecking at tiny software keyboards.

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