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What a Mess

Original entry posted: Wed Mar 23 15:29:51 2011

Matt @ Wed Mar 23 13:01:42 2011 EST

Much like I prefer to believe Ann Coulter is secretly a comedian, I'd like to believe this game is one long joke. When we get to release day, they'll say "Just kidding!" That's not going to happen, is it?

Matt @ Thu Mar 24 09:20:21 2011 EST

Or is it?

Thomas @ Thu Mar 24 10:12:55 2011 EST

That's one doomed release date.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Fri Mar 25 12:05:28 2011 EST

Part of the trouble, too, is that Duke's egregious content was always... not excused, but tolerated because of its incredibly inventive design. Shrink-rays! Jetpacks! Floors that can be traversed vertically! But now that the FPS has been mined in pretty much every direction, it just doesn't seem worth putting up with anymore.

Unrelated: Have you played Bit.Trip Flux? I just reviewed it for Slant Magazine, and it's amazing.

Thomas @ Fri Mar 25 12:43:13 2011 EST

I keep meaning to play the Bit.Trip games, but I really only want to do it on PC, and the two that are on Steam right now don't really appeal to me.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Fri Mar 25 17:33:42 2011 EST

Beat is on Steam, and is fantastic (starts a little slow, but picks up fast). But the Wii is really the ideal platform for Beat and Flux---the motion control makes it almost like a rhythm/dance game. And Void works really well with the Wii/nunchuk combo. Yes, Steam gives you higher-res, but it really doesn't matter.

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