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Fire Sale, Second Edition

Original entry posted: Mon Oct 6 15:57:22 2008

Panda McGee @ Mon Oct 6 11:35:52 2008 EST

I would like to buy the cat, please.

Thomas @ Mon Oct 6 11:37:06 2008 EST

The cat is not included. I'm running a separate auction for her.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Mon Oct 6 11:42:08 2008 EST

I swear, I swear I'm not a paid shill for them, but have you tried Goozex? It's something of a company store, in that your games get converted into points which go to other games, rather than sweet, sweet cash, but I find that you generally get a much better price than you would on eBay (or, god forbid, Gamestop). Plus I sort of love the thrill of having a standing order out for games which sometimes just... appear! Shoot me an e-mail if you'd like a fuller explanation, but the short version is they're quite good as a way of turning old games into new.

And... THAS got major points from me for being the first TH game with a real demo---I'd been interested in the series for a while but totally unable to get into it because I didn't know what a "nollie" was, so I really liked the hand-holding provided. Chocobo Tales was pretty charming visually, and had some excellent minigames (though yes, some were just scratch-fests). FFXII: Someday, someone will make a good RTS for the DS. This I believe in my heart. But FFXII's crappy AI killed it as it's killed so many RTS games.

Phantom Hourglass, however, is genius. GENIUS! Did you ever try the multiplayer?

Thomas @ Mon Oct 6 11:44:54 2008 EST

I'll check out the Goozex thing. I'm not really doing this for the money, I'm more interested in just clearing some space in the apartment.

I think I tried the multiplayer once, but I wasn't nearly as impressed with it as I was with Four Swords.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Mon Oct 6 12:14:45 2008 EST

It's not about the money, maaaan! It's about the kids!

Yeah, do give it a look---like I said, it's both a generally better deal, and it gives me all kinds of delight to know that the game-exchange system is churning away in the background even as I sleep. Thank you, machines of loving grace!

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