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Hot Water

Original entry posted: Fri Aug 4 19:19:17 2006

Josh @ Fri Aug 4 15:08:47 2006 EST

the thing is I get all that with iTunes ... but I can also export my music out, convert to MP3, burn to CD, etc.

My problem with Steam is that if anything goes wrong with Steam, it poops on all your games.

Thomas @ Fri Aug 4 15:19:17 2006 EST

Well, it's not all rainbows and sunshine, no. I'm not really defending Steam against that--but it has worked perfectly for me so far, and downloading Episode 1 was a much more pleasant experience than buying it from a store, then loading another couple CDs onto my machine.

The argument that something could go wrong is compelling, but ultimately I've been playing PC games for too long to take them for granted. I have plenty of software that just quit running when I moved to Win2K (System Shock 2, Interstate '76), and I remember the bad old days of wrangling with VESA drivers. I understand why other people are upset. For me, it's a wash.

My problems with iTunes stem from a very different objection.

I don't like buying digital music in the first place. I'll listen to it, and I'll use it to learn, but I can hear the difference between lossy formats and a CD. I'll take the CD every time.

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