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Original entry posted: Tue Apr 25 23:22:30 2006

Brinstar @ Tue Apr 25 16:48:56 2006 EST

Where do I go to see my embarassing statistics?

Thomas @ Tue Apr 25 17:13:32 2006 EST

Have you linked your DS at That's where you go to see the Hunter's License, and licenses for all your Friends or Rivals.

So, for example, I can tell that you've played 5 games, and have 6 kills split evenly between alt and biped forms.

You can also look at the stats in the Edit Friends and Rivals menu on your DS if you tap different names.

Jeff @ Tue Apr 25 18:15:07 2006 EST

I have yet to show my cowardly face online in MPH. I have been too busy pwning n00bs in Tetris.
I have read somewhere that you can play maps by yourself to get familiar with them. Do you know how to do this, Thomas?

Jeff @ Tue Apr 25 18:31:04 2006 EST

Oops! I meant to mention this in my previous comment. I am not sure if you have seen this, but several blogs have given steps to display your Hunter's License anywhere. Here is Joystiq's post regarding this information.

Thomas @ Tue Apr 25 18:52:09 2006 EST

I wasn't aware that Joystiq had written about the licenses. I figured it out myself here. Wish I'd known, then I wouldn't have spent an hour digging through Nintendo's server scripts.

To practice with bots, start a multicard match, pick your hunter and stage, then click the add bot button. Once you confirm all your bots and select their level, you can start a match. It's pretty good practice, but the level three bots are beasts.

Josh @ Tue Apr 25 19:20:50 2006 EST

I have this feeling you'll pwn the tourney...

Jeff @ Tue Apr 25 19:21:57 2006 EST

Awesome! Thanks for the help...

I wish I would have known about this little tournament, even though I would have had my hunter ass handed to me.

Thomas @ Tue Apr 25 19:22:30 2006 EST

Actually, what with all the UT experience you've had, you're the one I'm really worried about.

Brinstar @ Wed Apr 26 06:43:40 2006 EST

I think it'll be between Thomas and Josh.

I now have a link to my hunter's license in my Contacts page.

How long does it take to update?

Thomas @ Wed Apr 26 07:03:15 2006 EST

At least a couple hours. It's kind of a pain.

Corvus @ Thu Apr 27 22:37:53 2006 EST

Jeff, it's really not too late to join in! We've got prizes!

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