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Original entry posted: Fri Jul 7 19:09:46 2006

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Fri Jun 30 16:15:04 2006I'm generally up for/on Saturday mornings around 8 or 9 or so. Not this weekend though, because I'll be out of town. But normally, I'm free on Saturday mornings.

Josh @ Fri Jun 30 09:48:28 2006 EST

That's a shame, because it's a decent framework for PUG style deathmatches. Exploits as talent? Please. I've heard that crap from the Counter-Strike crowd too ... back when you could get to the top of buildings by leapfrogging into the air. Ooo me, I'm so talented I'm swimming in the sky...

We should totally keep up STOB style games though. Maybe if I get some free time (insert laughter here), I might try and toss together some frag-groupware.

Thomas @ Fri Jun 30 09:56:39 2006 EST

I'm all for STOP style matches. Those have been the most fun that I've had online so far--not in small part because I enjoy the pre- and post-match interaction.

Nintendo's decision to go with basically a peer-to-peer architecture for their games is the real culprit here. I understand that cheap online gaming is a much more economical proposition when the only servers you need are Gamespy's matching service--but honestly, the matching isn't that good, and a peer network is just too vulnerable to this kind of thing. I feel like with a client-server setup, they could have patched the bugs server-side, as well as had a way to watch matches and ban cheaters (similar to what Bungie does for Halo 2).

Jeff @ Fri Jun 30 10:21:05 2006 EST

Amen. I really could not have said it any better myself. To be honest, I have completely avoided M:PH online, and I have had the game since day one. It had not been two days following release when I began hearing of people abusing alt forms, and I just did not want to go into an environment like that while trying to learn the actual gameplay.

I would love to squeeze myself into some of your friend matches sometime, if you guys wouldn't mind. Actually, I have never successfully found friends online to play any of my WFC games to date (this includes Mario Kart, Tetris, and M:PH). I wish Nintendo had made it easier to keep up with your friends and see who's online at a given time (rather than click 'Join' and cross your fingers that someone else is 'inviting' people at the time).

Thomas @ Fri Jun 30 10:24:14 2006 EST

Yeah, the friends match architecture needs work. It really requires a lot of coordination.

Jeff, send me an e-mail and we can trade IDs on AIM or ICQ or something. On the weekends I'm usually free in the mornings for a while if someone wanted to get together. And of course it's a long weekend coming up...

Josh @ Fri Jun 30 11:47:17 2006 EST

There's pros and cons to either P2P or client-server when it comes to this kind of thing. I've actually had half of a P2P setup for Unreal in a folder for a few months.

I mean, both versions can be exploited for sure. C-S has the advantage of simple administration where P2P is just chaos. P2P, however, takes away the fear of creating a server - a phobia which seems to be deep in the psyche of online games and one I've never terribly understood.

Thomas @ Fri Jun 30 12:03:57 2006 EST

In this case, technically I think Hunters is a client-server architecture--one of the players runs the "server," and if they disconnect the whole game is shot--but the effect is the same as a P2P.

Jeff @ Fri Jun 30 14:48:48 2006 EST

I think we have already exchanged friend codes. I will send you an email though, so we can get some chat screennames traded (to aid in coordinating a time). Thanks!

Oh, and this definitely does not make me feel any better about M:PH. :(

Thomas @ Fri Jun 30 16:41:00 2006 EST

Eight or nine on a weekend! Woman, I may be a working adult, but I am not mad!

Brinstar @ Fri Jul 7 15:09:46 2006 EST

I have a problem with this concept of "sleeping in". As in, it's hard for me to do. I'm trying to train myself to do it, but I'm proving to be an obstinate student.

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