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The Garden of Meh-ness

Original entry posted: Tue Mar 16 00:16:18 2010

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Tue Mar 16 22:37:11 2010 EST

Yeah, agreed on all points. NMH2 has improved all the mechanics, but lost a lot of the glorious madness, and it's not a good trade.

But Dead Space Extraction for Wii is fan-fucking-tastic! I just reviewed it over at House Next Door, and it totally makes up for my NMH disappointment.

Thomas @ Wed Mar 17 00:28:09 2010 EST

It's funny, I had heard some good things about that. Horrible box art, though, and I never finished the actual game on XBox, so I wasn't sure about buying it "again" on Wii.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Wed Mar 17 11:46:12 2010 EST

Very different on the Wii---different story, for one thing (it's a preqeul to the Xbox version). And very different mechanics---a rail-shooter, rather than a third-person action game. But it's the best rail-shooter of all time---like I said in my review, it's so good it redeems the whole genre. And it actually does some interesting storytelling things are well, with its ensemble cast and switching perspectives.

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