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Forensic Evidence

Original entry posted: Wed May 16 04:00:00 2007

Corvus @ Wed May 16 10:32:59 2007 EST

My fear is of NOT public speaking.

Seriously, all my anxieties leading up to tonight's presentation of my whitepaper are focused around something getting in the way of my speaking. I can suffer the loss of a script (*eltrohc*, my "script" as if that existed in physical form), loss of my slides, technology failures, even the loss of power... as long as they let me speak.

Still, I look forward to your tips and will probably have feedback and examples for you!

Thomas @ Wed May 16 10:37:40 2007 EST

Ah, the curse of extroversion.

Corvus @ Wed May 16 11:48:59 2007 EST


I'm not actually a typical extrovert. I'm an introvert who has become addicted to the disguise I made for myself. Most days I find it easier to get up and act in front of an audience than spend time with a few friends.

I learned to compensate because I find people so damn compelling and informative that it's to my detriment to stay as isolated as my instincts demand.

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