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Next Week: Taco Bell Not Actually Mexican

Original entry posted: Wed Jan 7 15:14:37 2009

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Wed Jan 7 11:25:22 2009 EST

It's weirder than that, though... In my experience, regular trips to Asian supermarkets are s.o.p. for white hipsters (while the poor customers of Chinese restaurants always demand chicken and burgers)---it's the upscale version of the all-Goya Hispanic supermarkets. That WaPo is stunned by their very existence goes beyond sheltered and into autistic.

Thomas @ Wed Jan 7 12:29:07 2009 EST

You can accuse newspaper journalists of a lot of things, but I suspect hipsterism isn't one of them, sadly.

I don't think the H Marts and their competitors here have the same kind of cultural elevation that you're talking about. Maybe because I'm not aware of a lot of large Hispanic groceries in NoVA--the only one I know of is the Food Star on Columbia Pike--so there's not really anything for them to be upscale from.

This piece is a "special to the Washington Post," meaning it was probably done by a stringer of some kind. Maybe that explains the wide-eyed amazement at Vietnamese greens and lychee, or the accusations of dubious Chinese provenance (what, Giant doesn't stock anything made in China? Yeah, right). But an editor somewhere still had to approve the piece, warts and all, and plaster it on the front of the Food section this morning.

The sad thing is, there probably could have been a good story in there somewhere. The piece says both Harris Teeter and H Mart are up compared to Whole Foods and Giant. There's a whole discussion about food value, the economy, and changing demographics that could be had. Instead, we get My First Trip Down the Sauce Aisle.

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