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If We're Lucky, You'll Get Through This Sentence

Original entry posted: Thu Feb 7 19:56:42 2008

Chris @ Fri Feb 8 04:50:54 2008 EST

Thomas: It seems to me that the problem here is that the companies are taking a *common* trend - the tendency for people when browsing to look for chewing gum not Dostoevsky - and interpreting it as a *universal* trend. It's a common mistake.

My blog has a lot of long rambling pieces, but I do get traffic. Of course, I get a lot *less* traffic than if I wrote short snappy pieces... ;)

Companies have a tendency to trim the outlying cases in order to maximise whatever property it is they are trying to make the most of. Often this is successful. Sometimes, it is ill advised.

As for online videos, I almost never watch these, regardless of length. If I see one is less than a minute, I might see it through, but mostly I don't want to be looking at grainy videos online. I would much rather read prose than watch videos - but I recognise in this regard I am the exception and not the rule.

Best wishes!


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