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Original entry posted: Tue Aug 28 13:52:50 2007

pseudonymous @ Tue Aug 28 16:36:47 2007 EST

I liked the idea of the mp3 piece most. Of the proposed pitches, that's the article I would read.

Chris P @ Tue Aug 28 21:55:19 2007 EST

^^^ I concur.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Wed Aug 29 12:27:37 2007 EST

I'm actually not so sure about the MP3 article, as I feel like that gets covered a lot (though it's two votes to my one, so whaddoo I know?). But the basics of digital audio sounds great---I sure as hell don't know the difference between bit rate, bit depth, and a little bit on the side, and would like to.

wheat @ Thu Aug 30 11:41:02 2007 EST

I like the low latency idea. That would will be controversial, I think. And it will have wide appeal, as so many people are dong DIY, DAW-based recording these days.

The platform comparison/contrast bit will be interesting, too. Most of us record on only one platform, so a look at the others and how they handle things would be of interest.

Congrats, by the say. Ars is a great site.

Thomas @ Thu Aug 30 15:36:49 2007 EST

Thanks everyone. I've sent a few pitches to Ken at Ars to see what he thinks, and I'm going to start writing/researching some of these in the meantime.

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