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In Print, April 2006

Original entry posted: Thu Apr 20 04:00:00 2006

belle @ Thu Apr 20 16:27:31 2006 EST

that is effin' awesome, dear! congratulations!!! bring it with you tonight, will you? also, i am not working tonight but will go to dinner with the roommate instead-- i'll definitely be back here earlier than 10. can i give you a call?

Thomas @ Thu Apr 20 16:45:15 2006 EST

Of course! Call away! I'll just be revelling in a drug-fueled* celebration.

*Diet Pepsi

belle @ Thu Apr 20 17:00:44 2006 EST

diet pepsi and super angry hero candy?

Thomas @ Thu Apr 20 17:01:35 2006 EST

Oh, I'm saving that for the two of us. It's a hot evening of Japanese sugar debauchery, baby.

pseudonymous @ Fri Apr 21 11:25:07 2006 EST

Congratulations on the article!

Super Angry Hero Candy for everyone!

Thomas @ Fri Apr 21 13:27:07 2006 EST

Billy @ Sat Apr 22 04:51:20 2006 EST

Congrats on the article!! And thank you for the warm welcome to the Round Table.

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