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Mason's Ascent

Original entry posted: Tue Jan 24 04:56:19 2006

Chris P @ Mon Jan 23 16:12:36 2006 EST

I thought I'd come by and say hello.

I love reading about GMU and it's expansion. Could I read a draft?

Chris P

Thomas @ Mon Jan 23 16:15:32 2006 EST

Sure. Is your e-mail still the tigerwoods one?

Chris P @ Mon Jan 23 17:55:56 2006 EST

Yup or my gmu address is fine.

Chris P @ Mon Jan 23 23:55:31 2006 EST


Thanks for sending this to me.

It's a great piece of journalism and I enjoyed it a lot. It was very well written and the quote in the introduction was hysterical. I am impressed that you managed to get interviews from both Johnson and Merten.

Thomas @ Mon Jan 23 23:56:19 2006 EST

No problem! Glad you enjoyed it.

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