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Forensic Evidence: Basic Delivery

Original entry posted: Wed May 23 04:00:00 2007

Corvus @ Wed May 23 14:22:28 2007 EST

Excellent points.

Changing who in the audience you're looking as you make a particularly important or compelling point is a good way to signal people they need to pay attention. If your room is restless, warm, or bored, it's a good idea to stay in motion as much as possible.

I do think powerpoint can be a powerful and effective means of giving the more visual people in the audience something to do with their eyes. But they should contain very little text and avoid clip art. Most of it is so dull it'll hasten the disengagement of the visually oriented in the audience.

Thomas @ Wed May 23 14:38:04 2007 EST

Powerpoint should be like morphine--only used by people who can be certified to use it well.

I have seen great things done with Powerpoint, but I've also seen people show up with thousands of slides filled with tiny data, which they then proceed to basically read off the screen.

I say ban it entirely. Good speakers don't need it, and as you say, bad speakers turn it into a violation of the Geneva convention.

Corvus @ Thu May 24 10:39:31 2007 EST

For most speeches, I wouldn't need it. However I find, for example, that providing visuals when I discuss my storytelling model is quite important.

Lucretius @ Thu May 24 13:56:08 2007 EST

Printed and put into one of those little plastic bindy things you use to make your middle school reports look better. >_>

I took choir for four years with a teacher who tried to get her teaching to apply in other points of life. Public speaking and singing (it IS choir) was pounded untill we all had nerves of steel. You'd be surprised how many points she made mirror yours. Kinetic motion to emphasize points (or climaxes), looking facially engaged, how to interact with a gigantic audience as though it's a one-on-one experience. You should join a choir, my friend. ;-)

It's incredible, really. I couldn't imagine not knowing how to act in a public forum type situation, but k-12 teachers having their kids learn that is a slim-to-none kind of thing. Guess I got lucky.

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