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Forensic Evidence: Miscellany

Original entry posted: Thu Jun 14 18:43:07 2007

pseudonymous @ Thu Jun 14 14:22:10 2007 EST

Any tips for when you can't memorize? What about speaking extemporaneously?

Thomas @ Thu Jun 14 14:24:27 2007 EST

That's a whole other post.

If you want to write it, you're welcome to guest-post.

pseudonymous @ Thu Jun 14 16:51:17 2007 EST

OK, sure.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Wed Jun 20 18:02:23 2007 EST

Why yes I am! Don't recall mentioning that, but either I did or you have POWERS BEYOND MORTAL MEN!

The only advice I have for speaking on camera is:

-Don't look right into the lens unless you are apologizing to your constituents for embezzling the treasury. Look at an imaginary person just below and to the side of the lens.

-Beware over or underblinking---the camera sees all.

-Don't fidget---it gets hugely magnified in a close-up. This applies to eye-fidgeting too---a lot of amateurs look all around the room while talking, which is fine in public speaking, but makes you look shifty on camera.

Thomas @ Thu Jun 21 12:12:00 2007 EST

Great! I'm not completely making this stuff up!

You mentioned editing when I was blathering about importing into Pro Tools from Final Cut once.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Tue Jun 26 12:54:53 2007 EST

Yeah---next time I'll finish reading the post before commenting. Then I can just say "What he said is true!" and save everyone time.

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