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Record Time

Original entry posted: Tue Mar 4 01:27:23 2008

wheat @ Thu Mar 6 14:04:15 2008 EST

I found myself in exactly the same situation lately--I mean exactly the same one. My solution was this: the speaker phone feature on the Razr is good and the speaker itself is very loud. So I decided to conduct my interview via speaker phone and record it over the air with a Zoom H4 field recorder (that I had on loan). I'm thinking of buying a Zoom H2 for doing the same thing in the future.

It's easier than dealing with bluetooth. And, since I only want the recording so I can transcribe it to text, sound quality isn't much of an issue.

Thomas @ Thu Mar 6 14:45:56 2008 EST

I thought about doing that. But I was in my office at work, which is shared. I didn't really want to blare it out for people to hear.

wheat @ Tue Mar 11 09:14:54 2008 EST

How about this?

Thomas @ Tue Mar 11 09:17:32 2008 EST

Damn, wish I'd seen that before.

But I'm basically just looking at new phones now. I don't think the RAZR's really working out for me--the weird battery meter is driving me nuts, and the phone book is terrible.

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