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Original entry posted: Wed Mar 13 16:20:46 2013

Matt @ Thu Mar 14 08:04:41 2013 EST

If only there were some sort of organization that writers could join... A type of organization that would protect writers' interests and organize writers in the face of opposition from employers ... :)

Seriously, though. Hollywood has a writers union. Journalism has what? SPJ? But being a member of SPJ (Disclosure: I was a president of CSUF's college chapter at one point.) does not help in conflicts between workers and management. At least not that I remember.

Great post, btw!

Thomas @ Thu Mar 14 09:19:43 2013 EST

It has never been clear to me why journalism has crappy unions. Maybe because we're all too cranky, and we think we know better. I suspect it's because many journalists identify more with the bosses than with each other.

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