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Original entry posted: Fri Oct 2 15:56:13 2009


Michel @ Fri Oct 2 14:53:46 2009 EST

You do not need to use Google's servers to use Wave. You can install it on any private server. The Federation protocol will allow communication with other Wave servers including Google's, if you so wish.

Thomas @ Fri Oct 2 15:01:00 2009 EST

That's true. But a lot of the advantages raised in the article involve adding in services like Google Voice, which would still mean storing confidential information on their servers, and giving them a peek at your conversations.

Besides, if you're going to run it yourself, it becomes just another content management system. And while I can't speak officially for any organization, I suspect it makes a lot more sense for most newsrooms to fix the CMS they've already got, rather than switching to a new and untested environment, or trying to integrate Wave into the existing system.

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