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But You're Not Helping

Original entry posted: Fri Jan 26 16:05:32 2007

Troy Goodfellow @ Fri Jan 26 10:12:06 2007 EST

Ah, but they had an *analyst*! The "expert in communications" will be able to tell from your answers whether you can deal with humans, even if you were in fact dealing with a robot.

Or that's the plan.

Thomas @ Fri Jan 26 11:05:32 2007 EST

I think I'd feel better if they'd just thrown darts at a board.

Troy Goodfellow @ Fri Jan 26 12:45:32 2007 EST

So, quasi-journalistic...robotic phone manner...unhealthy reliance of expert analysts with dubious credentials.

You were interviewed by Fox News?

Thomas @ Fri Jan 26 13:19:28 2007 EST


But no. They were trying for a "scientific" process, and I'm pretty sure that rules out America's Al Hurra.

I said quasi-journalist, because they're as much in the business of creating news as they are reporting it. Although nowadays, I guess that's not far off from most of the major media, either.

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