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Original entry posted: Tue Sep 29 14:26:42 2009 @ Fri Oct 2 13:28:37 2009 EST

Well, I, for one, am impressed.

Thomas @ Fri Oct 2 14:31:58 2009 EST

Don't be. A lot of it is a massive hack ("PHP: making marginal programmers look awesome since 1995"). For example, it turns out that (as far as I can tell, probably due to some kind of mod_php magic) it's faster to iterate recursively through the entire directory tree for every request than it is to run the tree, cache the serialized results, and then unserialize and filter them to get the posts in a given path.

Of course, that's probably unsustainable at high traffic levels. But it's my fondest wish never to have high traffic levels.

If I ported it to an actual database, I bet I could get it down to under 150ms. But at that point, I think it would stop being any fun.

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