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Thread Hijack

Original entry posted: Sun Dec 10 08:24:47 2006

Johnny Pi @ Thu Sep 21 07:53:22 2006 EST

I know that Pharyngula got hit with the same exact thing by the same exact joker, so you might try contacting him to see how he's dealing with it and whether there's any kind of strong action you can take.

Thomas @ Thu Sep 21 08:06:20 2006 EST

I saw that yesterday. I want to talk to the guy and find out if he's really behind it, or if he's being spoofed in the WHOIS data first.

Steve_C @ Thu Sep 21 15:34:31 2006 EST

Did you ever get a hold of the guy today?

I'm still curious if he's behind it.

Thomas @ Thu Sep 21 15:51:51 2006 EST

I'm trying him tonight, probably around 8pm. I've been too busy today.

Steve_C @ Thu Sep 21 16:03:40 2006 EST

I did some googling and found another James Sullivan of CO Springs. but couldn't find any connections to the James A. Sullivan of Whileaway Circle.

He a software engineer and Catholic traditionalist, even goes to Latin Mass. So he might have a grudge. But he's probably completely unrelated.

Thomas @ Thu Sep 21 17:35:53 2006 EST

AAaaaaand: resolution.

Steve_C @ Thu Sep 21 17:58:35 2006 EST

That sucks for him. He really should report it to the authorities.

Kris @ Sat Nov 25 06:41:18 2006 EST

any more information on this redirect business? someone managed to drop that script into my activity log for moveable type.

Thomas @ Sun Nov 26 18:58:18 2006 EST

I don't have any new information, but I'm still getting them myself. Oddly enough, the bot or whatever it is only seems to spam one subcategory here at a time.

Ryan @ Sat Dec 9 10:43:19 2006 EST

My directory was hit today with this script. all i get is redirects - how can i disbale this thing!!!!!!! please somebody help!

Thomas @ Sat Dec 9 12:51:53 2006 EST

Turn off Javascript in your browser. Then you can use the blog's admin page to delete the comments without being redirected.

Ryan @ Sun Dec 10 03:24:47 2006 EST

Hi thank you for your reply. I own a directory not a blog. I get redirected when i search directory or try entering the admin control panel! I dont know how to disbale this via myphpadmin - has anyone got any ideas please!

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